Beans and Ground

Beans and Ground

We offer excellent quality packed coffee beans delivered to your office or home. Enjoy the unique aroma of freshly ground coffee, which compliments the pleasant feelings of drinking a hot drink.

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Barbera Clasica coffee beans

Barbera Classica coffee beansIngredients: Mix Arabica and Robusta with fruit notesWeight: 0.500 kgSt..


Barbera Clean Cup Blend coffee beans 1 kg

Barbera Clean Cup Blend Coffee beans 1 kgThe perfect combination of excellent flavor and unique arom..


Barbera Hesperia coffee beans 1 kg

Coffee beans Barbera Hesperia 1 kgIngredients: A mixture of Arabica and RobustaWeight: 1 kgStore in ..


Barbera Mago coffee beans 1 kg

Coffee beans Barbera Mago 250gExcellent balance of acids, enchanting with an unexpected but intense ..