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Essenza Nespresso Mini Delonghi - Ruby Red D30 + Starter pack - 28 capsules

Essenza Nespresso Mini Delonghi - Ruby Red D30 + Starter pack - 28 capsulesBy concentrating its coff..

220.00лв 169.90лв

Tassimo Costa Americano

TASSIMO COSTA AMERICANOA specially selected blend of coffee beans baked to perfection to create the ..

16.90лв 15.90лв

Tassimo Grand Mere Espresso

Tassimo Grand Mere EspressoThe new Grand Mere Espresso is little, intense, with a distinctive taste ..

12.90лв 11.90лв

Tassimo L'OR Espresso Delizioso

Tassimo L'OR Espresso DeliziosoTasso's L'Or DELIZIOSO espresso is a perfectly balanced pleasure ... ..

13.90лв 11.90лв

Tassimo Morning Cafe

Tassimo Morning CafeIntensity: 4 out of 7Tassimo Morning CoffeeCoffee has been selected in Germany f..

12.90лв 11.90лв

Bosch Tassimo Suny - White

The Bosch Tassimo Suny is a pod coffee machine which takes Tassimo T Discs. It has 1300W of power an..

149.00лв 99.90лв

Essenza Nespresso Mini - Matt Black D30

Essenza Nespresso Mini - Matt Black D30By concentrating its coffee knowhow and expertise into a bran..

220.00лв 179.90лв

Nespresso Starter pack- 14 capsules

Nespresso Starter pack - 14 capsules - Nepresso coffee capsulesIt is difficult to choose a favorite ..


Nespresso View Mini Kit - Glass + Lid

Nespresso View Mini Kit - Glass + Lid1 View recipe glass and 1 silicone lid to enable you to shake a..

19.90лв 12.90лв

Bosch Tassimo VIVY BLACK

Bosch Tassimo VIVY BLACK Small on space, big on fun! Measuring just 21 cm in width and sitting..

169.00лв 99.90лв

Jacobs Espresso Ristretto- Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules

Jacobs Espresso Ristretto - Non-compressible capsulesIntensity 12 of 12If you love intense coffee, J..

7.99лв 6.99лв

Kimbo Armonia - Nespresso compatible

Kimbo Armonia - Nespresso compatibleA 100% Arabica coffee with an exquisite aroma that evokes fresh ..

11.50лв 9.99лв

L'Or Espresso Colombia - Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules

L'Or Espresso Colombia  - Nespresso compatible capsulesIntensity 8 of 12The lush landscape..

8.99лв 7.99лв

Lavazza Espresso Deciso- Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules

Lavazza Espresso Deciso - Non-compressible capsulesIntensity 10 of 10Lavazza presents coffee with th..

8.99лв 7.99лв

Gimoka Vellutato- Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules

Gimoka Vellutato - Non-compressible capsulesIntensity 6 of 12Jimoka presents Nespresso Compatible Ca..

5.99лв 4.99лв


Nespresso decontamination preparation for espresso machinesIt is advisable to use a decalcifier for ..

19.90лв 9.90лв